The Helios Pen: The True Story of a Hard-Learned Lesson

The Helios Pen: The True Story of a Hard-Learned Lesson

Years ago, we came across what seemed to be a promising new technology in tattooing. Comfortable to hold, and lightweight, the pen (later dubbed the Helios Pen) became an important, but ultimately forgettable piece of the Helios company history.

Initially, the Helios Pen was manufactured by a European company that claimed to own patents for the design of the device. Upon seeing the possibilities for the pen in the U.S. market, Helios owner, Craig Petralia pursued and eventually purchased the exclusive rights to sell and distribute the pen in the United States.

When the pens began to arrive in U.S. shores in December of 2015, however, Helios very quickly realized they had a problem on their hands. Many of the pens they received were faulty, some in annoying ways, such as the motor cutting in and out, and some in more serious ways; the cartridges were having issues staying in the machine.

In the beginning, because they stood by their products, Helios would replace any faulty machine, assuming it was a small manufacturing issue solely involving one batch of product.

After a few months, it came to Helios’ attention that there was a Chinese lookalike product in existence. Helios contacted the European distributor and was assured that it was simply a knockoff of their original design, a statement that Helios has never been able to verify. Helios had its own suspicions that the European company had actually been utilizing Chinese manufacturers to create a cheaper product for U.S. distribution, shipping them out as European-made goods.

Since Helios was, at that time, receiving numerous customer complaints, including allegations that their customers felt they had been robbed, they decided there was only one option: Helios pulled the pens off the market completely and issued full refunds whenever possible.

By 2016, the pens had been pulled from the market, but to this day, Helios believes that there may be a limited number of the pens still in circulation, and want their customers to know that they strongly advise against purchasing them.

Helios tattoo no longer warranties these products, and do not stand behind them. They cannot repair them and assume zero responsibility should you choose to purchase one.

As of 2018, they are NOT available through any reputable market channels, including the Helios store, and there are absolutely NO officially licensed Helios Pens on the market.

As a result of this experience, Helios now keeps a much closer eye on the manufacturing process of all of their products, from needles and inks to grips and other supplies to ensure the highest possible quality for their customers and the best possible results for those customers’ clients!

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